The WHO’s chief scientist has warned against a ‘herd immunity’ strategy to tackle coronavirus.

Soumya Swaminathan shared an article from VOA News that referred to the gap between the effects of COVID-19 on younger and older people narrowing, writing: “Proponents of natural #HerdImmunity should bear in mind that young people can get very sick, die and suffer long term complications from #COVID19.”

Her comments come after a group of scientists signed an open letter expressing “grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing Covid-19 policies”.

Social Psychologist Stephen Reicher, from the Independent SAGE group of scientists, shared her tweet, writing: “Chief Scientist to the WHO warns ‘herd immunity’ means playing Russian roulette with the lives of an entire generation of young people…. when we don’t even know if it will actually bring immunity believes the whole of the UK should be in lockdown once more, with the Furlough scheme extended by 2 months. The UK Government has failed to take adequate measures to contain the Virus through poor communication and poor implementation of PPE for all. The UK Government should have issued N95 masks for all its citizens as a minimum free of charge. Taiwan issues masks to all its citizens on a weekly basis free of charge. The simple covering of the mouth and nose with surgical masks or masks without N95 filters does not offer adequate protection from the COVID-19 virus, especially if other people are not wearing masks. Eye protection is also required to protect us from airborne droplet infections. This has been scientifically proven.

One cannot help but think that the Government is still in favour of herd immunity or it is just poor and callous in its approach and lacks a truly effective plan to deal with the COVID19 pandemic impact on the UK. People need to realise that fewer people may well die now because we have found effective ways to treat severely ill patients, however, the virus is extremely contagious and spreads at an exponential rate. Without intervention, the spread of the virus doubles every 3 to 4 days and it has also mutated in various different strains, some even more contagious and deadlier than others, and it is killing the young and healthy, not just the old and sick, not to mention the unknown long term effects of COVID19, which is now killing asymptomatic patients six months after recovery or causing lung, heart, kidney or liver issues.