Airborne droplets may have a large role to play in the transmission of Covid-19, and they can stay in the air for at least 30 minutes and travel up to 4.5m. That is 15 feet, especially in an enclosed environment.

A study was carried out by a team of researchers from Hunan, investigating an outbreak that occurred on a long-distance, air-conditioned coach whose windows were all closed in the early days of the virus.

An infected passenger ended up spreading the virus to several others on the 48-seat bus. All passengers were not wearing masks

The infected carrier sat in the second to last row of seats but managed to infect passengers sitting up to 4.5 metres away despite not interacting with anybody at all during the four-hour journey. It took just 30 minutes for the infection to spread in this enclosed environment and people got into the bus on the way and still got infected. This means, according to the study, that the passenger, who was not wearing a mask, probably inhaled aerosols from the previous batch of passengers. 

Imagine an infected person getting on a train or tube or bus in the UK, especially London during rush hour, and the number of people passing through the carriage or carriages, then the infection is going to spread at an uncontrollable rate. It will explode like a ticking time bomb given the incubation of the virus and the fact it can affect people in different ways by the severity of symptoms displayed. The UK should have been on lockdown over 4 weeks ago and all flights from Italy should have been stopped immediately.

Not only does this makes a nonsense of the UK Governments advice not to wear masks, but it shows the health experts advising the government have not got a grip on this Novel Virus. Looking at the maths, whilst it is useful, it is not really helpful in light of the fact that there is still limited understanding of this potentially life-threatening virus. Not only are N95 or N99 grade masks required to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but glasses, gloves and hats are needed as well. Full Hazmat suits are required for anyone moving around in crowded public spaces open or confined.

Want to slow down the spread of COVID_19 then follow the diagram below: