Lockdowns have affected the economy and impacted on people’s health. So has it all been worth it?( Subscribe: https :// bit.ly/ C4_News_Subscribe)

We been talking to scientists Professor Martin McKee, Professor Sunetra Gupta and Dr Camille Maringe about how coronavirus restraints have affected public health. And economist Professor David Miles tells us how the financial disintegrate caused by the pandemic will likewise detriment people’s health and wellbeing.

Although the UK is starting to rollout the brand-new coronavirus vaccine, UK prime minister Boris Johnson has insisted that England’s tier system should carry on over the winter. And the authorities concerned in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have same assess, to try and reduce the spread of the virus.

Some have argued that restrictions and lockdown will do more distres than good, in the long-term. But others say something must be done to reduce illness and control the pandemic. But is the discussion really that simple?


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